While being healthy is vital, every man wants to keep his penis health on the top level. For you to keep your penis health at its peak there is the need to examine and go for treatment. Not surprisingly, erectile dysfunction is not uncommon in men; it is a medical condition where a man is not able to initiate or maintain an erection apt for sexual intercourse.

Some people act reluctant when it comes to complaining to the doctor about this, perhaps because it feels embarrassing not knowing that there is the possibility of severe underlying conditions. The penis health status can be caused by medical or psychological factors. For an erect penis to be achieved, there needs to be proper nervous supply, blood flow, and hormone function; any problem or factor that affects these leads to erectile dysfunction. Some of the principal causes of this disease in men include:

  • Narrowing of blood vessels and heart diseases: This is one of the chief medical causes of erectile dysfunction. The coronary disease causes the heart to work harder in a bid to pump blood to the organs of the body; this consequently reduces or limits the efficiency of blood flow to organs such as the penis. It is sacrosanct that penis needs the right movement of blood to achieve its erectness. Therefore, when there is limited or reduced flow of blood to it, erectile dysfunction sets in.
  • Obesity: The excess fat accumulation around the heart makes it difficult for it to pump blood effectively throughout the body. It is known that erectile dysfunction can be traced to inadequate blood supply.
  • Diabetes: One of the significant effects of Type-1 diabetes is the hardening of the arteries, and this doesn’t allow for the smooth flow of blood to the penis and other body parts. This is why people with diabetes, especially Type-1 can quickly develop erectile dysfunction can be traced to inadequate blood supply.
  • Smoking: Smoking introduces carcinogens into the human body; these carcinogens pile up in the lungs and build up plaques in the arteries, leading to reduced flow of blood to the penis. This showcases as erectile dysfunction.
  • Intake of excessive alcohol: Alcohol depresses the human central nervous system and can make the brain miss libido signals, this leads to the failure of the neurons in the brain to signal the body to pump blood to the penis. When this happens, erectile dysfunction can occur.
  • Peyronie disease and other anatomical disorders: Peyronie disease is a disorder that can make the penis to bend upward or sideways, it is caused by scar tissue formed in the penis, and this affects its erectness leading to erectile dysfunction.

Nonetheless, virtually every medical condition has a way of alleviating it; the erectile dysfunction can be restored by the combination of or any of the following options below.

  • Change of lifestyle
  • Use of the erectile dysfunction vacuums (Penis pump)
  • Surgery
  • Use of hormonal therapy
  • Testosterone replacement (rare cases)
  • Taking of drugs (Cialis, Staxyn, Viagra)

It should be noted that your doctor is in the best position to prescribe and offer you the best medical advice. Penis health is necessary and should never be underestimated because it gives a feeling of confidence when you are sexually fit.


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